Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obsession Tuesday: Internet Edition

I don't think it comes to a surprise to anyone reading this blog that maybe I spend a little too much time on the internet. In honor of that obsession, I present to you Obsession Tuesday: Internet Edition. (I wish I had some cool theme music, like on Law & Order. Bong-Bong!) These links represent the websites I've been hitting hard lately. Let the mouse-clicking begin! Bong-Bong!

Allrecipes.com This new metabolic diet I'm on calls for lots of chicken breast, turkey, and vegetables, so I'm clicking like a fiend to find healthy dishes that we can eat as a family. If you have any recipes or website links, email me or leave them in the comments.

Bee-Boppin' the Boroughs You've probably seen this site on my links list. Visit it--I implore you! These girls walk through different parts of New York City each Saturday, taking pictures along the way, and posting them on their blog. The girls are lots of fun, and filled with silliness. It's inspiring me to take Beth and our kids out around Georgetown and snap pictures.

The Multiverse This link ties two of my greatest obsessions--television and the internet. The theory at work in this website is that most shows on television (past and present) are connected, all starting with St. Elsewhere and Homicide: Life On The Street. You may not know this, but St. Elsewhere's series finale revealed that the entire show was the dream of an autistic child, Tommy Westphall. Therefore, all shows connected with St. Elsewhere are also part of Tommy's dream. The website has a grid, and a key to the grid. A must for television geeks like me.

You Look Fab I've been dressing a certain way for a couple of years, due in joint to my weight gain and working in a super casual office environment. Now that I've begun a weight-loss program, I need to learn how to dress myself again. My shape hasn't quite begun to change, but when it does, this site is going to come in extra handy. What I like about this blog is that she writes about style, fashion, and trends, but she also applies these topics so that the everyday woman can relate. She also talk about the different body types, and how the current trends affect them.

That's it for now...happy clicking! You can also leave the websites you're obsessed with currently in the comments.

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