Friday, February 29, 2008

Lately, I've been very frustrated and overwhelmed. It almost feels like there's a vice on my chest, it's so tight in there. I wake up in the morning, thinking of all the things I've got to do this week: laundry, packing for our weekend at Pirateland, going over the choreography DVD for the musical, cleaning the house, helping Cathryn with her voice lessons, recapping American Idol, and various other things.

I'm posting because I need to eliminate the stress in my life. I love blogging, and I'm not going to give that up, but what I am considering is not recapping American Idol anymore. It used to be so much fun, and it was great giving y'all my opinions. Lately, though, it's felt like a job, looking at the show almost like a reporter instead of a fan. I love that show, and I kind of miss being a fan. Besides, when I'm sitting and reporting for two hours, I'm neglecting other things around our house, like laundry and dishes. Because let's face it, y'all--I cannot do two things at once!

I had really been thinking about this decision for a couple of weeks, and part of my delaying it was the fear of disappointing all the wonderful people who read my recaps. I hope that y'all will stick around and read the other stuff that I write, and I hope that I haven't upset too many people.

Until next week....Toodles!

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