Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol, 02/27/2008, Top Twenty (Women)

Last week, songs from the 1960s were hard on the ladies. Hopefully, the 1970s will be kinder. After all, the 70s were an awesome time for music, but a completely unfortunate time for fashion. Which means, if you're following along, that the group sing tomorrow will sound great, but will look awful. But, after all...

THIS is American Idol.

Oh, my goodness. "Crazy on You" might be, like one of my three favorite songs of all time. The way it starts out all quiet and sultry, and then explodes into this wild orgy of emotion at the chorus? It really gets the heart pumping! Too bad I missed it, because I was putting Cathryn to bed. I tried to catch it on YouTube, but our connection was down. What I saw on the recap, though, was incredible.

Yeah, we all know that the song is really, "Me and Mrs. Jones", but Syesha Mercado has changed it to "Me and Mr. Jones". I really didn't want to like this, because I really don't like her. She's just way to cocky, and it shows through in each performance. However, we all know that she's a lock for the Top Twelve. The sound was killing me last night, with it's cutting in and out. The judges weren't crazy about it, but I thought it was pretty good.

I just need to go on the record right now by saying I love 70s music, in case I haven't made that clear enough. And when one of my favorites, like Brooke White here, sings "You're So Vain", I just get all giddy inside. I love how she started off with just her voice and the guitar, and I thought it was just the perfect song choice for her, resemblance to Carly Simon notwithstanding. I know I'm being indulgent, but there's something about Brooke that I love--maybe it's that wholesome, granola vibe she gives of. She just seems to let things fall off of her shoulders.

The singing wood nymph of American Idol is singing disco! Ramiele Malubay chose "Don't Leave Me This Way", and I have been waiting for another contestant to sing this song ever since Latoya London layed it on us so excellently in Season Three. Parts of Ramiele's performance I loved. Her voice was gorgeous and yearning and desperate. But sometimes, it felt like the music was really overwhelming her, and I wished that she had really worked the stage the way this song calls for it.

You know, it's really hard to be objective, and just listen and watch the performance. But when it comes to Kristy Lee Cook, I have a hard time. Her growling, goaty delivery of "You're No Good", along with her continuing persistence of standing like she staddling horse just grates on me. I feel like she's slapping me in the face with each note. But, this happens to me every year--there's an insanely popular contestant that I just cannot stand.

My first thought when I saw Amanda was--well, I can't really tell y'all what my first thought was when I saw her. I had to ask forgiveness for my thoughts. I started off great, but progressively got worse. I was wincing with each note, because it was truly painful. And what were those things attaching themselves to her legs? I'll be having nightmares for a week, especially about that hair.

If I were Alaina Whitaker, I'd really try to find my own identity, and stop attempting to be the poor man's Carrie Underwood. She completely ruined "Hopelessly Devoted To You" with all the crazy notes which made it off key until the end. I also didn't like that she tried to power through a song that doesn't call for powering.

I'm definitely not loving Alexandrea Lushington's outfit tongiht, with the cargo shorts that make her legs look terribly skinny, and the snow vest that makes her look all hulky on top. I will be so happy when this girl gets a clothing budget! I don't think choosing to sing Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now" was the best choice for her. It's already a dated song, like Simon said, that you can't really make it sound modern. Was it the sound system that made her voice sound that way, or was she choosing to do that to her voice. I definitely didn't like the "oohs" and felt that the arrangement would have been better off without it, or at least sing them a different way.

Two of my three favorite songs in one night? I might perish. Now that Kady Malloy has chosen to sing Heart's "Magic Man", all I'm missing is for someone to bust out with the Grass Roots' "Midnight Confessions", and my night will be complete! Unfortunately for me, that song was recorded in 1967, so the time for that has passed. Unfortunately for Heart, Kady has chosen to sing one of their songs. Let's start with the good--I loved her attitude while she was singing. It was completely on spot--the camera flirting, the runway catwalking to the stage--all completely called for in this song. Now for the bad--the singing. The entire vocal was completely off-key. Another wrong song choice.

Let's get this out of the way--I want to steal Asia'h Epperson's high-waisted skirt. Her hair also looks very good tonight, all long and shiny. The shoes? The top? I will leave behind. At first, the performance of "All By Myself" worried me, because she hit some squeaky notes. I began to wonder why the producers out her in the pimp spot. By the end of the song, though, she had more than made up for it, making her voice big and powerful. What I really, really didn't like, though, was that shaky bottom lip thing she had going on. But that applies to all singers who use that--it's not real, it's all show. But--what a way to close the show!

Unfortunately, another hit and miss night, but I can't really put my finger on anyone that was a hot mess. Going home? Kady Malloy and either Alaina Whitaker or Amanda Overmyer.


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