Monday, January 07, 2008

The Great Blog Post-Dump of 2008

Much like people begin to purge their homes once the new year begins, I am going to purge my brain by dumping a lot of stuff right here in this post. You should expect me to talk about these again at some point in the future.

--Find a cure for my headaches. Don't tell me to cut out caffeine. I only have one 8oz cup of coffee in the morning. Someone actually said to me that they saw a news segment of how "regular" coffee has the same amount of caffeine as "decaf", and that I should just start drinking decaf. My response? "Why don't you just start drinking regular?"

--Live Healthier. Richie's been asking me to go walking with him when he walks the dog. I decided tonight to go. I realize that this is probably going to be the toughest thing I do all year. I have a heavy addiction to chocolate, and have been known to forgo dinner for dessert. I'm not talking about a diet here. Richie and I were talking today, and diets just don't work. If this is something I'm going to work at accomplishing, this is going to have to be a lifestyle change. Yes, I know this means giving up french fries.

--Good mommy vs. Bad mommy. Richie, Trey and Cathryn always say I'm the former. Me, in my infinite pessimism, give myself a vote in the latter.

--Become a better choir director. I want these kids to learn to worship through song and drama, and to lead others through the same. I want to put on a rocking spring musical, and another one at Christmas. I want to expose these kids to all kinds of music, and teach them to appreciate it.

--The Sims. Does anyone else play this game? It's the perfect game for control freaks who find themselves without people to control. It's also good for those folks who always thought it would be cool to be an architect, like Mike Brady but less square, but never could quite get the math. I fall into both categories.

--American Idol, or my struggle with obsession. I'm really struggling with blogging American Idol this season for two reasons: my involvement with the children's choir, and the general knowledge that American Idol just doesn't play fair just for the sake of "good" television.

--Blog more. About stuff that matters, not just my usual television-driven obsession-fueled rants.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now.

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