Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Results, Top 7, 04/18/2007

Things I learned on tonight's American Idol:

1. Fergie can actually sing, not just primp around on stage.
2. Shrek the Third looks funnier each time I see the trailers.
3. Celebrities are much like politicians; they can't say too much or they lose their demographic/votes.
4. Martina McBride has awesome taste in shoes.

Praise be to Jesus--he's gone! *throws confetti*


Marnie said...

Prayer does work. I thank God for sending Sanjaya home, and also thank God for blessing us with his presence. He did bring an element to the show that we've never ever experienced. We all need to pray for Sanjaya now, because he will be cursed forever as "that weirdo from American Idol" Can you imagine the riots that would have ensued, had KiKi been sent home instead? What an amazing night. Now we can really focus on SINGING.

BTW, Melynda's hair extensions are FABULOUS.

Laurie said...

I totally agree with Marnie.

AI has so been redeemed. But, I felt so bad for Sanjaya when he was crying at the end. He has nothing to feel bad about though. Someone will make him the "hearthrob of the tweenies".

I am surprised that Blake was in the bottom 3. I thought Chris would be. But, you know what? I think it is time for Blake to go. He is only good when he is beat boxing and you just can't do that all the time. Oh, BTW, my husband who has a so called "gaydar" says that Blake is not.