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AI: Top 16 (Girls) 03/07/2007

Alright, y'all, nothing in-depth today because SOMEONE who shall remain nameless (COOKIE MARTIN) convinced me to stay for Choir Practice instead of watching the last performance before we go to the Top 12. So, just a short rundown, and most of my information was pulled from the little two-minute recap from last night:

Jordin Sparks sang Pat Benetar's "Heartbreaker" awesomely, and I totally need to download that song. I forget how much I love that song until I hear it.

Sabrina Sloan sang "Don't Let Go" by En Vogue, which I tried to download the other night and couldn't find it. From what I heard, it was great, like all her performances are great, and I'm sure that if Sabrina makes it to the Top 12, there will be a Five-Way Diva-Off with her, Jordin, Stephanie, Lakisha, and Melinda. I am super-psyched. Oh, and I totally want that beige ruched halter dress she was wearing.

Antonella butchered one of my favorite songs, Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" in such a way that it made me want to hold and console Ms. Rae and her lovely song for the crimes committed against it. I hope that her constant venom-spewing at the judges (after they've PUBLICLY stood up for her in the press) was enough to get her booted on Thursday, if her crimes against music weren't enough.

Haley Scarnato was never meant to be in the Top 12, so she sang some random song that I didn't even recognize as a Faith Hill song until I read about it on another website (something I probably shouldn't tell y'all, but y'all are my online family and there are NO SECRETS between us). Bye, Haley. It's been nice watching you in your runway exhibition of Hoochie Couture.

I jumped up off the couch when I heard Stephanie singing my all-time favorite song since I was fourteen, Chaka Khan's "Sweet Thing". Well, when I heard it, it was Mary J. Blige's cover of the song, but still, whenever I hear that song, I have to stand up and sing along, much like people do the National Anthem. If you want to have some fun, play it when I'm around and see what happens. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell y'all that Stephanie also completely rocked what I heard of this song. Of course, I am biased, because if I haven't mentioned it, I love this song more than any other song on the planet, more than the way Rita Moreno sang "Fever" on The Muppet Show back when I was a preschooler, even though that song made me want to wear red dresses and be a singer.

Singer Number Four in our Diva Parade is Lakisha Jones, who sang Whitney Houston the way Whitney Houston is supposed to be sung. I'm going to say it now: no one on American Idol will be ever be able to sing Whitney Houston the way Lakisha does. My only misgiving about this performance was her choice to wear black satin. I say this because I love, and suffer from the same malady: big girls should not wear satin. It reflects the light and makes us look bigger than what we are, especially drawing attention to trouble spots like tummies. Funny story about me and this song from The Bodyguard soundtrack, "I Have Nothing". When this movie came out, and this song was released after "I Will Always Love You", I was all about this song. I BEGGED my mother to buy me the cassette single, but my Bonnie refused, saying, "I'm not going to have you moping around the house, crying, saying 'you have nothing'". Now, the woman had no clue what the song was about, and actually thought it was about depression. So one day when my Daddy took me and my sister to Wal-Mart, I paid for that cassette single in change that I had saved up, as I didn't get an allowance. Just dumped it right there in front of the cashier. I was so proud of me, and played the you-know-what out of that single. I bet I still have it somewhere...

Gina Glockson blew me away with her rendition of the only Evanescence song that I like, "Call Me When Your Sober". I was cheering through the whole thing, and tried to call Tiffany V. several times, but SHE WOULD NOT ANSWER HER PHONE and squee with me. I had to resort to texting. It did not have the desired effect that squealing would. I have my fingers crossed that Gina will make the Top 12.

Melinda Doolittle closes us out with a song that I'm surprised no one has covered on this show, not even Mandisa, an awesome performance of "I'm A Woman". She owned that stage last night, and even though Lakisha is my favorite Diva, I preferred her performance to Lakisha's. I really liked the dress, too. PLUS--Melinda has OCD like me! Yay! What I do like about Melinda is that she is seemingly a different person onstage. It's like the only time she's alive is when she's got that mic in her hand. Sorry, I think I'm projecting again.

Going home: (from my fingers to God's ears) Antonella and Haley

Results tonight!


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