Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AI: Top 11, 03/20/07

Alright, y'all...I was totally psyched about this week's theme, “British Invasion”, with guest mentors Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits, who sang “Henry the Eighth” and Lulu, who sang “To Sir With Love”. However, I had to miss the first thirty minutes because I had some singing of my own to do with the Praise Band at church tonight. So you'll get a quick rundown of the first three contestants, and then something a little more in depth for the last eight. Here we go!

Haley Scarnato is up first, and apparently she forgot to get dressed again, as she's in her camisole and –oh, please, no!--formal shorts. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. She also sang “Tell Him” by The Exciters, or so I read on MJs Big Blog. Really, Haley? Shorts? For real? While you're performing in front of millions of people? You're kidding, right? No? Cripes, girl. You've already got Katharine McPhee beat hands down in the “bad taste in clothes” department, and here we are only two weeks into the Finals.

Chris Richardson sang “Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying”, which is a song I recognize, actually. I found what I heard of the song to be quite nasal. This saddens me, because I really kind of like Chris. Sure, he's impersonating Justin Timberlake and secretly stalking Elliot Yamin (by the way—have y'all seen the pics of him on the American Idol website? You wouldn't even recognize him!), but he seems to be a nice kid, and I enjoy his performances.

Because someone had to sing it, Stephanie Edwards drags out Dusty Springfield's “You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.” Oh, Steph, why? This is totally Nadia Turner's song from Season Four, and no one should ever touch this song again, because you will never be able to sing it like Nadia, or even come close. I mean, of all the Dusty Springfield songs to sing, you pick this one. Oh, bore!

The Stone Temple Pilots did a remake of The Zombies' classic “Time of the Season”, which might be the most awesome song ever recorded, for the second Austin Powers movie. Trust me, I own the soundtrack. REM also did a version of “Dragging the Line”, which might be about drug use, but I'm not completely sure. Anyway, Blake Lewis is singing it tonight, and he's like his own band. He doesn't even need music—he's got his beatboxing. I'm not sure if I like him singing this song, though. It's kind of flat in places, but the performance was compelling.

Lulu sets out on a mission to get Lakisha to sing “You're My World”, which I've never heard, but Lakisha wants to sing “Diamonds Are Forever”, from one of those Bond movies. Ooh—I wonder if it was a Sean Connery Bond? He was the best Bond. This song—not Lakisha—turns me on in a weird kind of way. But then, it is about diamonds—and they are a girl's best friend. I think Lakisha totally made the right choice. She looks great, by the way—like a star, almost. I would look really great in that dress..and those shoes! I love that the dress is green...the color of money. She's practically floating in that dress. Oh—she sang, too! Really well, I might add. Nothing spectacular, because you know, every week can't be a winner, but still...much better Hoochie Scarnato.

Our friend Laurie (are y'all still checking her blog?) really likes Phil Stacy, so I've decided to be charitable and give him a chance this week. He's singing “Tobacco Road”..which the guys sang as part of a medley in the COMPLETELY AWESOME and NEARLY PERFECT Season 5 finale. I will say this—it's the best performance I've seen of his so far this season. It even started strong, so kudos to him. However—he still kind of freaks me out, and yet he has these pretty blue eyes.

Jordin's hair looks great, all blown out and flat ironed. She reminds me of our friend and resident Ace Young stalker, Tiffany V. All super-cute and bubbly, and saying dorky things like “I'm so excited!” Yeah, I guess y'all can tell who my new favorite is. Anyway, she's singing another ballad, “I Who Have Nothing”, which I have never heard, but will have to download, because Jordin is so powerful in this song—and only 17! Unbelievable! If this is just the middle, I cannot wait for the end!

I mercifully missed Sanjaya's performance, but Richie sat through it, and I saw part of it in the recap. Not only did he sound like he was screaming...he looked homeless to boot. “You Really Got Me” is a great Kinks song, and a great Gap commercial a few years back. Wow..and he even made a little girl cry. That's why he's still here...all those little girls like Ashley there. Gah!

Did Gina Glockson get a haircut? It;s kind of cute. She's sing The Rolling Stones' “Paint It Black”, and she's in full goth-girl mode. A girl band remade this song a few years back, and I wish she was doing their version, because her voice can't seem to support the lower notes. Y'all know that I like Gina, but I have to be honest—that was just not good, in any way, and I'm afraid it might send her home.

Yes! Another Zombies song! This time it's Chris Sligh singing “She's Not There”, which is already on my playlist. This song was made for his voice, and it's much much much better than last week. I can't really say much about this, other than it's good, and I'm glad the glasses are back this week. One of my favorites tonight.

Melinda sings “As Long As He Needs Me”, from Oliver the Musical. Another musical? Yeah, she has a great voice...but...another musical? I'm afraid that she's going to become boring. But I do agree with Paula—Melinda is very expressive in her singing, and really tells a story with her voice.

Bottom Three: Haley, Sanjaya, Gina



Laurie said...

Josie - Now see, I knew you had to at least like Phil's voice just a little. You just have to get past the bald head. You are improving though. His eyes are very pretty. Now come on let's help the brother out. I voted quite a few times for him last night. I really do believe Melinda is our star for the year, but I just love Phil and Sligh, too.

I was excited for Haley last night. She actually sounded pretty good and got some positive feedback. It is amazing what a little positive feedback will do for you. And, you are not going to believe this....I actually liked Blake Lewis' song. I can hardly believe it myself. I wasn't too impressed with Lakesha last night. Maybe, because I didn't like that song. I thought Jordan did a pretty good job as well as Sligh.

My bottom three predictions: Stephanie, Gina and Sanjaya

That poor little girl that kept crying...ooooh I'm with you. I know those are the kind of votes Sanjaya has been getting. You would have thought he was Donnie Osmond or that cute guy from the Monkeys. Do you remember them?

josiegirl77 said...

I wasn't alive at the height of their popularity (or maybe I was...I dunno, I was born in 1977), but I do know about them. I've been an avid listener to Sunny 106.5 for at least 15 years. Plus all those Brady Bunch reruns, you know. *grins*