Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gearing up for fall and other disasters

After lunch, I began to crave something sweet, so I popped a stick of Sugar-Free Extra in my mouth, and it did the job perfectly, with only five calories to boot!

For dinner, I had abaked pork chop and splurged on corn pudding, eating a cup full instead of the half-cup I had originally portioned myself. I felt so guilty, that after separating the laundry, I went to the bedroom and danced before going through my closet for fall. However, I drank 80 oz of water yesterday, so that's good news.

Speaking of fall, my mother in law bought lots of new great jewelry, so as I was going through my clothes, I was able to come up with some new outfits and accessorize them, as well. I made a list of the few things I actually needed, like black tights, a brown belt, and square-toe flats. It was sad, but since fall fashion is going to be very subdued and mature, I had to put away all my bright pinks and blues. Luckily, I buy classics, so I know that the look will be around in just a little while.

What disgusted me, though, were the bags of clothes that were sitting in the back of my closet, unable to fit over my broad hips and fat stomach. Cute clothes, too, and just right for fall--several menswear inspired pieces like a pinstriped pencil skirt.

I slept last night, again, from midnight to 6:40. I can't seem to get to bed before midnight, but I also somehow have a hard time getting up and motivated in the mornings.

For breakfast, I had my SlimQuick supplement with 8 ozs of water, my daily indulgence of a 6oz cup of coffee with fat free french vanilla creamer, and a half cup cereal. For lunch, I had a cup of boiled cabbage with three slices of boiled sausage. I have Open House at my daughter's elementary school, so I'm curious to know if I'll have time to exercise tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll start listing the calories associated with the foods that I eat.

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