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05/02/2006 American Idol Performances

This week the contestants have two themes to work through--one from the year they were born and the second from this week's Billboard charts. The birth year theme was a stand-alone last year, and a wildly fun one at that, giving us Carrie Underwood's version of the Pat Benetar classic "Love Is A Battlefield", and of course, Constantine Maroulis owning "Bohemian Rhapsody". Hopefully, this year will be just as entertaining.

Ewww...Anthony Federov. I really couldn't stand him last year. Apparently, my disgust continues. Who knew?

Elliott opens up the show, singing George Benson's "On Broadway". He's not just singing and moving on stage, he is owning that song and working that stage. Work it, E! Work it! I am really proud of Elliott; he seems to really be coming into his own. It also looks like his tie has shrunk, so I'm extra-proud of our little Hobbit. Randy and Paula love it, but Simon says that it's not one of his best, and he's lucky that he has two performances.

Paris is so cute tonight with her curls! She should keep that style. And did she just say that she was singing "Kiss" by Prince? Ummm...not a choice I would have picked for her. But, she is doing reasonably well. She's dancing, she's young, she is doing a good job. Color me surprised. Randy thought it was nice, Paula likes it when she sings the old stuff, and Simon says that the vocal was "screechy and annoying". They obviously think it's time for her to go. Bottom Three.

Chris...is awesome. Honestly, that's all I can say, because, well, he's awesome. He's singing "Renegade" and is completely rocking my world. I am totally mesmerized by the hot awesomeness that is Chris Daughtry. Randy declares Chris's awesome hotness; Paula says he set the standard for the others; Simon says that the performance is leaps and bounds above the other two performances.

Katharine has decided to make it the unofficial Scott Savol theme night with Phil Collins' "Take A Look At Me Now", and y'all, it is not good. It's shrieky and off-key and nasal. Oh, honey, I can't even say that you're cute tonight, because you're wearing a belt over your breasts. Randy says it started off on the wrong key and became OK; Paula says she looks stunning but it's not one of her favorite performances; Simon says it was a mess and that it ran away from her. Bottom Three.

Taylor is singing Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music", and I am so excited I can barely contain my glee. I love this song! I love his performance, I love that he's totally wearing a shirt I swear my father-in-law once owned. I know that Taylor's antics can wear on you sometimes, but I have to say this is how I like him--manic and free. Randy says knows Taylor had a good time, but it was a wild choice. Paula says that the performance was authentic Taylor while Simon says that it reminded him of a horrible wedding performance.

Elliott is back, singing "Home" by Michael Buble. Oh, I love this song, and it's the perfect choice for Elliott, who is looking quite dapper in his black suit without a tie. As good as "On Broadway" was, this is better. The performance is subdued and he has a beautiful tone to his voice. Randy decides that it was a nice choice and Paula agrees, saying that she got to hear richness of voice; Simon, however was not sure about the lyrics,and is worried about song choice.

Paris has chosen "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige. Wow...two performances and one hairstyle. Amazing. Her performance? Actually...quite good. I think the song is a nice fit for her, and I think of the two performances, I prefer this one. It's certainly a step up from her other foray into modern music, Beyonce's "Work It Out". Randy tells her that it was a big risk, but she rocked it; Paula said that it was difficult to catch the Mary vibe and hoped for a Paris spin; Simon disagrees, saying that Paris did rather well with song.

Chris is singing "I Dare You" by a group I've never heard before. Though his song choice from 1979 was better, I do feel like he and Elliott are the only two contestants left who actually sound like they belong singing modern music. And the jacket? Breathtaking. It reminds me of David Boreanaz as Angel. Gosh, I miss that show. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the gorgeous jacket. One really can never go wrong with a leather jacket, unless your name is Taylor Hicks. Randy says that it was just alright; It wasn't Paula's favorite; Simon said that it wasn't a great song, and that Chris really should be careful because his voice is going.

Katharine's choice from this week's charts is "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree" by KT Turnstall. Ooh, an uptempo song. I like it. I like it a lot; it's certainly an improvement over her first performance. This may be the first time she's shown us some real personality onstage. Randy thanks her for reminding us why we fell in love with her; Paula loved the choreography (because that is sooo relevant in a SINGING COMPETITION, as she is so apt to remind Simon). Simon speaks for us all when he says that this has been a strange show, and that he much prefers this song.

I've been worried about Taylor's choice of song this week. His style isn't really modern, so I am not surprised (and a bit relieved) to hear that he has chosen The Beatles' "Something". He has totally won me because I am a Beatles freak. Glad to see he's back in his signature suits, and it's hard for me to say which song I like better. Both were very good. Randy said it was a great song; Paula said that it was a very daring move and also quite tender; Simon agrees that it was quite clever of Taylor to get a Beatles song from the current charts and that he had forgotten amidst all Taylor's craziness that he was a very, very good singer.

Bottom Two: Paris, Katharine
Top Three: Chris, Taylor, Elliott
Going Home: Paris


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