Tuesday, February 21, 2006

02/21/06 American Idol Ladies Semi-Finals

Our first night of actual, real singing! Tres excitement!

Last night, the ladies sang, and I have to agree with a comment from Simon--there were four or five outstanding performances and the rest were just "meh". So let's get on with it, shall we?
First up was Mandisa, and after I finished screaming "Mandisa! Mandisa!" I heard that she was singing "Never" by Heart. One of my all-time favorite songs, so I am excited beyond belief. I was sooooo not disappointed, either. She blew that thing out of the water, and as Paula said, "Threw down the gauntlet for the other girls." The only thing that distracted me was her jacket--well, it was really more of a sheet kind of tied around her. Anyway, it kept falling off, and it was distracting. But the voice! Oh, Mandy...she can do no wrong! Side note: Did y'all know she used to lead worship at the Beth Moore Living Proof conferences? Heard that on the radio this morning.

Next was Kellie Pickler, and what do they do? Show the "my daddy's in jail and my mama's done run off" backstory again, and I am SO SO SO sick of this. Please, Pickler, do something to make me believe that you are more than just a sad backstory with a whiny voice. She sings Martina McBride's "How Far", and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that I still have it in my head, but not so much that I voted for her. Sorry Pickler. On the other hand, I loved her top, and thought she looked really pretty.

Third is the Maxim cover girl, oh, I mean Becky O'Donahue. I almost threw up when I realized that she and her sister were dressed identically. Oh, how I despise Becky O'Donahue. What? She singing "Because The Night"? Please don't mess my song up, Maxim girl. Oh, too late. Three seconds in, she's all over the place with this song. The quicker she's done, the better.
On the stage next is Ayla Brown, who I had a dream about last night. (She was crowned American Idol 2006. Ryan literally placed a crown on her head.) She's going to sing "Reflection" from Mulan and despite myself, I liked it. She wasn't horrible (like Becky), but she wasn't awesome, either (like Mandisa, and oh all right, Kellie).

Now it's Paris and I'm jumping up and down in my recliner and Richie tells me to be quiet, she's going to sing "Midnight Train to Georgia". Oh, rapture! Oh, joy! She rocks that song and works that stage like there's no tomorrow. When Paris sang, it felt very modern, but I was very concerned for her and wanted to throw a cute camel-colored cropped jacket over her denim unitard (?) when the top started to slip. Again, I am just amazed about the voice that comes out of this little cartoon character of a girl.

Number six tonight is Stevie Scott (wasn't she Stephanie just last week? On Tuesday?) and she's going to sing "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban. I was trying really hard to concentrate; her voice is boring me. Sing, sing, sing....(I wonder what Chris Daughtry is going to sing tomorrow night? I'd really love for him to try a ballad.)...more singing....(I wonder what Chris will wear? I hope not a t-shirt and jeans again.)...yet more singing...(I thought they only had like, a minute? Why is this girl *still* going on?)...and we're done. So, so, bored now. Someone save me from my boredom!

No such luck, because Brenna Gethers is taking the stage, and I actually get up from my recliner when she starts to slaughter Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life". I am literally in the kitchen talking smack to the television because my loathing for this girl is so deep. Poor Stevie Wonder. I bet if he heard her sing this song, he's wish he was deaf instead of blind. Oh, I know it was cheap, but this is Brenna we're talking about, so I guess it fits.

Oh, jeez, now it's the Boobs That Sing, AKA Heather Cox. She's actually going to sing that song the finalists from last year's competition sang, "When You Tell Me". I am going into a coma. Literally. Will someone please wake me when it's over? She's so going home on Thursday.
Number nine is the girl that none of us have seen up until tonight, Miss Melissa McGhee. It makes me really sad that we haven't seen her before, because she seems super nice and has a very nice voice. Not as powerful as some of the others, but nice. I'm in love with that cute black and white print top she's wearing. I wonder where I can find one like that? Oh, she's singing "When The Lights Go Down" by Faith Hill. She's does a fairly decent job tonight, and I hope that she can stick around for at least a few more weeks, because, again, she seems so nice.
Are we there yet? The commercials are endless!

Ok--it's Lisa Tucker's turn, and I think she is a very pretty girl. I really like her dress; it's a classic. But I can tell that she's really trying to impress everyone with how mature she is by singing "Changing" by Jennifer Holiday. I've never heard this song before, but it seems waaaay to old for her. But she's got a great voice, so I guess that makes up for it.

Kinnick Sky looks gorgeous and elegant, and she's singing "Get Here" by Alita Adams. She does a good job, and her voice is very different, but I think she comes on a little too strong. I give her one more week.

FINALLY! We're at number twelve, Miss Katharine McPhee, who's very silly and I think she and I would be great friends. She singing a Barbara Streisand song, "Since I Fell For You". She plays to the camera just a little too much for my taste, almost like she's at a party and is just a little bit tipsy. Becky O'Donahue was apparently at the same party, but is smash-down drunk. Did I mention that I don't care for her? Anyway--I love Katharine, and you can't deny her voice because it was excellent, so I'm voting for her, too.

These ladies got my vote:
Mandisa, Paris, and Katharine.
I believe these ladies are going home:
Heather Cox and Stevie Scott.

The guys perform tonight at 8:00, with 90 minutes of commercials and backstory, and only 30 minutes of singing.


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