Thursday, April 22, 2010

American Idol Season 9, Episode 33: Idol Gives Back/Results

Ok, friends and neighbors. Last night's show was way, way, WAY too terribly long, so I am keeping this recap wonderfully simple.

The Good:
-Jennifer Garner reading to children
-Morgan Freeman attempting to hula-hoop with children
-George Lopez and Wanda Sykes' stand-up routines
-Carrie Underwood looking beautiful and polished
-Annie Lennox, Elton John, and the Mary J. Blige All-Star Band

The Bad:
-The Group Sing
-The Black Eyed Peas, who proved that some groups need to stay in the studio, although I did love Fergie's superhero costume, complete with cape. And the fact that she stood like Wonder Woman, with her fists on her hips, all through Queen Latifah's speech about giving back.
-Joss Stone, revealing that she was in fact not British, but from Backwoods Podunk, by singing "STAIND" instead of "STAND".
-The announcement that next week's theme is the MUSIC OF SHANIA TWAIN.

The Cheesy:
-Everything with Russell Brandt and Jonah Hill (although I find their movies hilarious)
-EVERYTHING ELSE that wasn't a heartbreaking video about needy or dying children

Let's let Ryan build the Bottom Three and send someone home, shall we?

Seascrest pulled Crystal and Casey to the center of the stage and announced that neither of them had ever been in the bottom three before. Crystal is sent to the Couch of Safety, and Casey is sent to the Chairs of Doom.

Aaron and Lee were then brought to center stage, where Lee was sent to safety, and Aaron was sent to sit with Casey.

For the final member of the Bottom Three, Siobhan, Mike, and Tim join Ryan in the center of the stage. Siobhan and Mike will return next week, and Tim is sent to the Bottom Three.

The Bottom Three: Casey James, Aaron Kelly, and Tim Urban

Casey and Aaron were safe, and Tim was eliminated. Idol Gives Back ran so long that Tim couldn't even sing us out.

Next is week Shania Twain week, and I guess that's fitting for the Top 6 since that's only about how many songs she had. Can you guess I'm not a fan? Feel free to disagree with me all you like in the comments.


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