Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol Season 9, Episode 21: Top 16 Results

I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm still in utter and complete shock. I watched most of the episode with my hands over my eyes. I don't watch horror movies--the idea of one of my favorites leaving is frightening enough.

...and leave she did. I never saw this coming. Never. I had Lilly Scott pegged for the Top 12. It was all there. She had a look, she had incredible talent. So what happened? I'm just so...shocked and confused. Devastated, even.

Anyway, the contestants that went home were: Tondrick Hall, Alex Lambert, Katelyn Epperly, and Lilly Scott. This has got to be the most cracked-out results show ever. I'm reeling. I keep telling myself that it's better for Crystal and Michael, that the competition will be easier for them, but honestly, I wanted Lilly there because she deserved it. She was unique and wonderfully talented and did not deserve to go home.

Your American Idol, Season 9, Top 12, America. Not Mine. Well Not Completely, Anyway:

Casey James

DiDi Benami

Lee Dewyze

Siobhan Magnus

Tim Urban

Paige Miles

Michael Lynche

Crystal Bowersox

Andrew Garcia

Lacey Brown

Aaron Kelly

Katie Stevens

See you next Tuesday.

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