Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am such a big nerd. It's OK, y'all don't have to make a fuss and say, "Oh, Josie, you're not a nerd!" because I totally know that I am. Nerd, geek, dorkasaurus, whatever you want to call it, I don't care. I've accepted it. For years, I denied it, but I am totally waving my nerd flag today.

And I said all that to say this--I love writing out lesson plans for children's choir in outline form. I love thinking about how the class should flow from beginning to end, seeing the children's faces in my mind as we move from song to song, activity to activity. I love choosing which songs they will sing in the concert. I love breaking down the songs that they're going to learn, coming up with ways for them to remember the lyrics. I love rifling through all my material, learning new ways to get them to warm up their voices and teach them about music. I find every aspect absolutely thrilling.

Just thought I'd share that with y'all.


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