Sunday, August 03, 2008

Trey and Chris Go To Lancer Commons

Hi. We're Chris and Trey. We're pretty awesome and we know it. Let us show you around our new place here at USC Lancaster.

This is Lancer Commons, home of the University of South Carolina-Lancaster baseball team. It's a brand-new construction and we're the first guys that get to break it in.

We were very surprised to find that we have a deck. We have a grill now, and so most of the cooking can be done outside, since Chris's mom and Trey's Grandma Toni supplied us with enough food to last us for quite a while. Maybe even a full two weeks.

Our living room/dining room before the table, chairs, and pantry arrive. We also have a futon on the left wall, but you can't see it here.

The table arrives with Grandpa Jay, or JJ, as Trey affectionately refers to him...

Trey's bedroom, which is as big as his dorm room at Coker, only he doesn't have to share it with anyone.

The view from Trey's bed--television, bookshelf, and desk. Trey jokes that he has no reason to be late for class-- he has five clocks!

Family picture time!

Grandpa Jay, Trey, Grandma Toni, and Uncle Aaron. They are pros at posing for photographs, because Toni is the official family biographer through her camera.

Granny Cathy, Trey, and Pappy Richard. These two are the moving professionals. It takes them no time to set up a place.

Josie, Trey, Richie, and Cathryn. Josie thinks she just found a new Facebook profile picture. We are one good-looking family. We should be on the cover of "Good-Looking Families Magazine", if there was one. Just sayin'.

Trey and Cathryn. Despite their age difference, they are very close. Cathryn made Trey a card to tell him how much she would miss him, and he constantly threatens to harm any boy that gets close to her. A lot of boys would be very annoyed by a seven-year-old curling up and watching Spongebob on their new beds, but not Trey. He takes it all in stride.

Trey and Richie. This one chokes Josie up a little, thinking about what they've been through to get to this point. It chokes Richie up a little, too, but he won't admit it. The arguments, the endless baseball talks, the practices have all been leading up to this point. And Richie couldn't be more proud.

Well, thanks for stopping by 1114-C. Now, get out of here. We have things to do and people to meet.


stacy o. said...

Very exciting! Trey's first apartment. I still remember my first apartment with MY OWN ROOM.

Lynn said...

What a great post!!! I'm glad Trey has a great friend from Georgetown to live with. I know that has to be comforting. Is this where BJ will be staying as well?

Anonymous said...

That was a great post!! Thanks for including us in your journey!! I am proud of Trey and wish him all the best at USCL!!!

Josie Thames said...

Thank y'all so much for the great comments!

Stacy: I know! He's just as excited, having his own room again.

Lynn: He's very excited about living with Chris. I'm not sure where BJ is staying.

Leslie: Trey and I thank you for your wishes!