Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Dog Ashe

This is our dog, Ashe. She's kind of needy. Well, more than kind of needy. She's extremely needy. And clingy. For example, this is the first look from her every morning. She's telling us, "Love me. Pet me. Pay attention to me. Please touch me."

Ashe's favorite person is her daddy, Richie. Most of the time she sits at his feet, staring adoringly. You can almost hear her thoughts: "Daddy, you are soooo awesome."

Sometimes, though, she tries to climb into his lap. Most of the time, Richie doesn't mind.

Ashe does not like it when Richie leaves the house without her. She paces back and forth in front of the front door, pausing every few minutes to sniff the door from the floor to the doorknob before sticking her head through the blinds to stare forlornly out the window. Sometimes, you can hear her sigh.

Ashe's other favorite activity is playing with her toys. At one point, she had four toys: a gorilla, a stuffed cat, an orange dinosaur, and a ball. The gorilla was her favorite, and when she bit it, his tongue would fly out, which thrilled her more. She toted around the gorilla all the time, and one day, she destroyed him. I made the mistake of throwing the gorilla away, and she was very upset, and was in a frenzy looking for it. She even went as far as to pull herself up by her front paws to look on my kitchen counters!

She really gets herself going with her toys. She rolls around on the carpet (fun for me!) and gallops up and down the hall. Seriously, gallops. Like a horse. And when she tires herself out? She collapses on the floor with her ears flipped back and her tongue hanging out.

After a busy day of adoring Richie and chasing toys, Ashe is usually ready for bed around ten. She climbs into her bed and stares--no, GLARES at us like this until Richie and I get up and head to the bedroom.

Hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into the life of our special dog, Ashe. Crazy dog.



Kim Eckhardt said...

AWWWWWW Puppy, Puppy, Puppy, Puppy. What she's really saying is "stop sewing and pay attention to me!" I love the pics. I see that Ritchie has just accepted you taking pictures too by now. LOL. Love this post!

Josie Thames said...

Ha, ha--funny story about me taking pictures. Richie originally bought the camera for him to use, and I had my own camera for blogging. But, I started using his camera more and more because of the features and it takes better pics. Eventually, he started calling his camera "our camera" since I totally hijacked it.

And I can't stop sewing just because the dog wants attention! That's Richie's job!

Kim Eckhardt said...

Hahaha. That's okay. It will once again be "Richie's camera" once you move up to a new and better camera that has even MORE features. LOL. said...

Ashe is totally ready for her close-ups!