Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cathryn Begins the Second Grade

Ok, so I totally filched this idea from Stacy. I didn't think she'd mind if I used her idea and applied to my girl.

Even though we'd met Mrs. Grant, Cathryn's second grade teacher, a couple of days before, Mini-Me was still nervous about starting school again. She didn't know much about her teacher, and she only knew one or two kids in her class. She was up at 5 a.m., curling up between me and Richie because she couldn't sleep.

This was taken right outside our house. Cathryn chose her own outfit, and then asked me if it was appropriate for school. This was a big step for us both, because I've never let her choose her own clothes before. The pose was also her idea.

Cathryn's name on the front door of her new classroom in the second grade building. The sign below her name says "No Bones About It- Second Grade is Great!"

Cathryn with Mrs. Grant, her new teacher. I believe this is where Cathryn's jitters started to fade away. Mrs. Grant made the mistake of telling me that she loved pictures. Well, guess who is more than happy to show up with her camera?

Cathryn at her desk. Behind her is a chart of classroom duties, and Cathryn discovered that she is a Table Captain. Upon finding this out, she is ready for me to go. She doesn't know at this point what Table Captain means, but she's a smart cookie--she figured it had something to do with her being in charge, and she's always ready for that. She's very bossy to her Barbie Dolls at home.

When Cathryn came home, she said that she'd had a great day. The one complication was remembering to raise her hand to ask permission to leave her seat. She was so used to flitting around our office willy-nilly all summer, so we really didn't say much to her except to remember better next time.

Here's hoping for a great year!



Lynn said...

Savannah had Ms. Grant also. Cathryn will have a great year!!

stacy o. said...

Go ahead, filch away! Super cute pics!