Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey, You Know Whaaaat? Cathryn's Seven!

Cathryn went to her first sleepover when she was five. Ever since, she's been dying for a sleepover of her own. For her 7th birthday, Richie and I finally gave in. We decided the best way to go was to keep it small, limiting the invites to four girls, and bringing them to Pirateland, where there are lots of enjoyable activities for kids.

We told her about it a month in advance, and from then, it was nonstop talk of her "birthday weekend". With a week to go, she started the birthday countdown. On Friday the 11th, she woke herself up early to begin her birthday weekend.

Before we left for the beach, we had to pick up Cathryn's cake from my mother's house. I think Paula did an awesome job with the cake, and it was delicious to boot.

We picked the girls up at Hardee's in Georgetown, and then picked up a pizza at Chicago Pizza in Surfside. After getting to Pirateland, Richie took the girls out on a golf cart ride so that I could unpack our bags.

The girls didn't sleep much on Friday night, and then woke up early Saturday morning so that we could go to the pool. They had so much fun playing the big pool and the kiddie pool. As we were leaving, the pool DJ wished her a Happy Birthday over the intercom and played a special Happy Birthday song.

After the pool, it was time for lunch. Richie made grilled hot dogs, plus we had cake and ice cream. Then it was time for presents-- easily, the girl's favorite part of the party. She loved all of her presents, but I think her favorite present was the Elvis beach towel from her Granny and Pappy.

While I cleaned the party room up, and packed our bags, Richie took the girls out for mini-golf and fun at the arcade. After I was done, I surprised them at the course.

Cathryn was very hardcore for a while, until her feet began to hurt.

They all look pretty tired, don't they? I know Richie was--he took them on golf cart rides, played with them for two or more hours in the pool, took them to play golf, and to the arcade.
We got a call from one of the parents who needed to pick their daughter up a little early, so we let the girls play outside while we got things back in order and packed up. I thought this was just the sweetest photo I took all weekend.
I hope everyone got lots of rest Saturday night, because they certainly partied Friday and Saturday! They were all super great, though, and I'm so happy Cathryn enjoyed her seventh birthday!


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The DAVIS & LAMBERT Kids said...

Looks like Cathryn had a great birthday!!! I love her dress she wore while playing mini-golf.