Monday, June 09, 2008

Voice Recital

Since January, Cathryn has been taking voice lessons with Nita Daigle at Georgetown Community Church. Ever since Cathryn was born, she has loved music, and has loved to sing since she could speak. In fact, we took her out of dance to put her in voice because she was too busy singing to the music instead of performing the routine!

We did lots of calling around, and many teachers wouldn't take Cathryn because of her age--they didn't want to take anyone under the age of eight-- but we knew that she had something special. Fortunately, Nita was open to giving Cathryn an audition, and when she heard Cathryn, she immediately knew she was ready for lessons.

The culmination of the lessons was Thursday, June 5. Nita held a recital for all her voice and piano students. It was also the last day of school, so Cathryn was SUPER hyped up all day long. However, as we got closer to the time, and I was helping her get ready, she began to drift down off of her high and slide into nervousness (which isn't a bad thing) and stage fright (which is definitely not a good thing). I really began to worry about her as we drove to Georgetown Community Church for the recital.

Cathryn 's fears began to wane when Nita asked her if she wanted to warm up before the other students arrived. Cathryn was Nita's youngest student, so I appreciated all the extra time that Nita took with Cathryn. I love Cathryn's posture in this picture--the way she's holding her hands, the way she's paying attention to Nita--it tells me that she loves what she's doing.

I caught Cathryn as she was heading into the "holding room" where all the performers sat awaiting their turn. Her smile is a little forced here, and I think that speaks to her nervousness.

Nita's daughter Alexandra announced each performer before they came out, and the selections they had chosen for the recital.

Cathryn walking up to the microphone after Alexandra calls her name.

Cathryn wringing her little fingers as she waits for Nita to begin playing.

Cathryn sang two songs: "Castle On A Cloud" from Les Miserables, and "Living Water" from the Pam Andrews musical Splash Kingdom, which Nita's children's choir performed in May.

She did amazingly well on both selections. From the moment she opened her mouth to sing, you could tell that she enjoyed "Castle On A Cloud" the most, although she loved both songs. Cathryn's voice on these songs was clear like a bell--and reminded me of Ariel.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is the moment when my heart began to swell three times it's normal size. Literally, I think I could have popped , I was so excited for Cathryn.

At the end of the recital, Nita brought all the performers out to take a bow and receive applause for all their hard work.

Cathryn getting ready to receive a hug from one of the performers. They were such a closely knit group!

Cathryn and Nita. Nita gave Cathryn a beautiful silver musical note ornament and wrote her a wonderfully sweet note. I know that Cathryn can't wait to start lessons again in the fall!

Watch out world-- a star is being born!



Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Cathryn. I know that she sounded GREAT!!! It is okay to be nervous, but I am sure that once she started singing all the nervousness was gone. Yeah Cathryn!!

The DAVIS & LAMBERT Kids said...

Cathryn is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the dress & shoes. Tell her we are so proud of her.