Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rock Solid, Part One

It's so hard to believe that "Rock Solid" was a week ago! You plan, you organize, you schedule, and you practice for months, and it's all over within less than an hour. Amazing. Anyway, a few pictures for you all (and of course, some stories):

Every plot has it's evil masterminds:

Lynn (mother of Ranger Nick, Aside #3, and Claire) took this picture twenty minutes prior to call time. I'm pretty sure Leslie and I were both at our wit's end. Myself, I had a cell phone in my pocket set to ring at certain intervals so I could make sure that we were on time. I also had my trusty list.

Our trusty sidekicks:

Karen, Dillon, and Michaela were our stagehands. They were so willing to do anything we asked them. I am so proud of each of them and can't wait to use them in other capacities next time!

Literally, Leslie and I could not have done this play without Pastor Ellis and Sylvia. They were completely in charge of all the sound and the mics. Each year, Leslie and I are learning more and more about what works and what doesn't work onstage from them. They are invaluable to the children's choir!

Our Youth:
Hillary (Aside #1 &2), Brandon (Ranger Nick Hicks), Shelby (Aside #3), and Brooke (Aside #4) had dual roles: they were characters in the musical and our backstage kiddie wranglers. I think a few of them were not prepared for the energy of our crew and had to take some breathers. No worries--Leslie and I have to do that, too. These guys were great about learning their lines and did a great job on stage and back.

Our children's choir members:
Savannah played the part of "Claire" in the musical-- a hiker who wanted to blaze her own trail. She had a lot to memorize, plus she had a solo. I was so proud of all the hard work and effort she put into her part. I'm so sad that next year is her last in children's choir--we'll miss her so!

The Blue Team: (back row) Matt, Gabi, and Ward. (middle row) Cairo, Sydney, Julie, and Kelsey. (front row) Emily, Erin, and Erica. These guys were something else. Really high energy. A really fun group. They loved goofing off in their "holding cells" backstage.

The Red Team: (back row) Kayti, Jordan, Cody, Brian Michael, Cathryn, and Tanner. (front row) Dalton, Jennifer, and Gabriel. This group was totally our workhorse group. They were up for anything, and were fearless in their efforts. A couple of these kids had only been to a couple of practices, but they were totally on board with learning what they had to so they could perform, too.

Our set:
Our backdrop was completed and hung within 24 hours by Luke, our Minister of Music and Youth. Leslie told him that we needed a backdrop, and bam--there it was. It really added that something extra to the stage. One of our choir mothers, Angie, made the mountains for the set, as well as a couple of boulders and donated a tree. The other trees and plants were donated by church members. Leslie and I loved the way the stage looked--we thought it really resembled a mountain trail. Anything more and the kids would have been crowded out.

Our banner. Well, it's not the prettiest thing, but it served it's purpose. At the beginning of the play, Shelby and Brooke held it, then taped it to the Lord's Supper table. It fell twice. The first time, Leslie taped it back up. The second? Well, we had bigger fish to fry. But that's another post.

Speaking of other posts, tomorrow is "Rock Solid, Part Two"--and I'll recap the dramatic scenes, both onstage and off.


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Great Post! Thanks for the pics, you had a few I didn't have so I saved them on to my harddrive!! THANKS!!!