Monday, May 12, 2008

AWANA Closing Progam

I am SUCH a bad mommy for not posting these pictures about the closing AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) ceremonies last Sunday!

So, in honor of trying to be a nice, responsible mommy, and not a slacker, I present to you lots of picture of Cathryn, plus a couple of other kids who do not belong to me or Richie:

This is Cathryn and Beth's son Carson entering the church sanctuary with the other Sparks (kindergarten through second grade). Cathryn is obviously engaged in her second favorite activity, talking.

I don't know why Cathryn looks so incredibly disgusted at having to recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

Now she looks like she's saying, "See? I'm totally saying it. Happy now?" Why, yes, Cathryn, we are.

Also, I do not know why Cathryn kept her hand shoved in her pockets. I'm kind of glad she did, because otherwise her hands would have been flailing wildly all over the place. Talks and sings with her hands, you know. Much like her mother.

Gee, Cathryn. Being in front of the sanctuary and singing for the entire congregation just not exciting enough for you?

Cathryn engaging in her very favorite activity, singing and dancing.

Beth's daughter Elizabeth doing her best Saturday Night Fever impression.

And finally, Cathryn Thames, JC Penny catalog model. Tell me I'm not right.



The DAVIS Kids said...

Did you check out your little darling on the Radiant blog?

Josie Thames said...

I did! I just didn't get a chance to comment. Thanks for taking those, by the way.