Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little reorganization

In light of Cathryn putting her own self down for bed, I promised her that I would rearrange her bedroom and hook cable up in there if she'd continue this trend. Well, it was long and laborious, but the task was finally complete, and I have the pictures to prove it!

First of all, you should be warned that almost everything in this room is pink and white, and it is not as clutter-ree as I would like it to be. But, I keep telling myself that she's six, and needs stuff to do. Anyway, she requested that her bed be placed against the wall. I don't know what it is about being squished against a wall that she likes so much, but hey--if it gets her to sleep through the night, I'll do it.

This is Cathryn's favorite blanket. She received it as a Christmas present this past December from her Andrews cousins, and she adores it because number 1--it's blue and snuggly, and number 2--it's got her name written on it. Seriously, she will sleep on top of her comforter and underneath this blanket. Well, partly because if she sleeps under the blanket, that's all she has to fold the next morning, but mostly because it's warm, snuggly, and has her name on it.

Cathryn's prized possessions are her Barbie Wizard of Oz dolls. We still have the boxes they came in originally stuffed under her bed. You can see the McDonald's Happy Meals dolls beside their Barbie counterparts.

This is Cathryn's self-proclaimed "art center". Inside the cabinet is all of her writing, coloring, and painting materials. The vanity counts as the "art center", too, because that's wear she does "hair and makeup". What I don't like about this section is the overstuffed Barbie trunk underneath the vanity, as well as the keyboard I have stuffed in between the cabinet and the vanity. I also wish that the vanity was white. Oh, well. I'm not entering her room for submission in "Southern Living".

Cathryn's calls this the "music center". I call it a junk corner. You can see she has her guitar, her karaoke machine, and my keyboard along side her dress up trunk and many, many babies. I guess you wouldn't believe me that I weeded out many, many babies, would you? She just keeps accumulating them.

Richie and I positioned her television so that she could lie in bed and watch her movies or play video games with her wireless controller. The kid has so many clothes that we had to go to Wal-Mart and buy the small chest for her everyday things that she needs to reach herself, so I could place her winter clothes inside the tall chest. Trust me, there's NO ROOM in the closet. It's all spring/summer clothes and shoes.

And finally, above her television, are the two words that describe our girl best: "Princess" and "Diva". It's like they knew Cathryn personally.

She was very surprised when she came back from Pirateland to see her room rearranged, and she told Richie and me that her room a now ready for sleepovers. One catch, we told her--you have to keep it clean. Everyday. I told her that I would check every day to make sure that she has put away what she has played with, and if it hasn't she would lose her Junie B. Jones reading time to get her room straightened up. So far, it's worked. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


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