Monday, February 04, 2008

Mini-Me goes to see Hannah Montana

Well, it was a matter of time before Cathryn fund something of her very own to obsess over. Her object of obsession? Hannah Montana. Of course, I know that she's not alone in her obsession, but it's fun to watch her dance around the house in her wig and pretend she's the "part-time pop star".

So when my sister called and said that she wanted to take Cathryn to see the 3-D Hannah Montana movie, I jumped for joy. Who am I to deny Cathryn her right to obsess and see her object of obsession in three dimensions? I even let my sister borrow my camera so that she could document Cathryn's Hannah Montana day.

Cathryn and Tracey at our house before The Big Adventure.

Pausing for some silliness!

Tracey gets in on the act. Mmm...chocolate chip cookie dough...

After the show-- all smiles with her 3-D glasses.

When she came back, she admitted she was "wored out", but she just couldn't stop talking about Hannah Montana. She needed to call her Granny and her Nana.

When she woke up the next morning, she said she dreamed about Hannah Montana, and couldn't wait to tell all her friends about it.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?


The DAVIS Kids said...

Looks like Cathryn had a blast. We love Hannah Montana as well. Even Brandon wants to go to one of her concerts, if that is ever possible.

Josie Thames said...

Does Brandon want you letting that secret out? *G*

The DAVIS Kids said...

He doesn't care. We all watch Hannah Montana as a family. We can't wait a new episode. Jackson is my favorite. :)