Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drumroll, please!

OK, as promised, there are pictures! I took these pictures at Maryville Elementary's awards day on Wednesday. So, without further adieu....

Look ma! Three awards! She couldn't be more proud of herself. Who could blame her? I myself was about to burst from pride.

Cathryn and her two best friends, Emma Kay and Erica. You should have seen us mothers trying to stop the chatter and take a picture. It was like pulling teeth, but in a funny way.

The awards ceremony was just the cutest thing. Whenever the principal called a child's name, they would pop up out of their seat and cheer like Rod Roddy had just told them that they were the next contestant on the Price Is Right.

Man, I love little kids. They're way funnier than they really mean to be.


The DAVIS Kids said...

YEAH CATHRYN!!! I know there will be many more awards to come. Did you know this was the first time that Maryville has had an award ceremony half way through the year?
I love that first picture. Lynn

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you JOSIE!!! You finally did it... of course I am also very proud of Cathryn and all of her awards!!! I am sure that you and Richie are proud too!! Way to Go Cathryn!!

Josie Thames said...

I know! I finally got off my behind (or rather, sat down on it!) and posted pictures!

Y'all are right--we are so proud of Cathryn. I have to admit, we both underestimated her. Who knew our little singing diva was a brain?