Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heroes, 11/12/2007

Wow...so we finally had a great episode of Heroes after two lackluster episodes. Well, let's be honest, shall we? This whole season has gotten off to a very slow start, and I think in part it's due to the lack of Petrelli brother interaction, and for me, Nathan and Peter Petrelli are really the heart of this show. The end of last season really drove that point home to me, when Nathan told a glowing Peter, "You saved the cheerleader so we could save the world."

So finally, we get to see what happened all those months ago, with Nathan flying Peter into space, and them arguing even then about Nathan dropping Peter so Nathan would survive. (Is there even sound in space? I seem to remember an episode of Swan's Crossing back when I was in middle school where one of the characters was a musician, and he was giving an interview or something and the question was asked, "Would you rather live in space or underwater?" and the character answered that he would rather live underwater because there is no sound in space. What? Like you don't remember stuff from middle school?) Anyway, Peter totally drops a burning Nathan into the atmosphere, burning him up even more, then Peter EXPLODES, regenerates (thanks, ClaireBear!) and then flies back to catch Nathan. He carries Extra-Crispy Nathan to the hospital, and then goes invisible so the cops can't question him. When he becomes visible again, though, Bob from The Company shows up and Veronica Mars (now known as Elle, and really, there couldn't be a better name for her character, what with the being blonde and perky and wearing the cutest outfits ever!) gives Peter the shock of his life, taking him back to The Company and explaining that they can help him. He meets Adam (who is totally Takezo Kensei, Hiro's hero who can regenerate, just like Claire, and no one can tell me different.), who basically tells him not to drink the Kool-Aid, or take the pills Elle offers. Peter's all Major Emo on him, and Adam and I both want to slap him, but we can't because Adam can't walk through walls, and well, Peter is just a TV character and it would be strange if I walked up to Milo and slapped him for Peter's stupidity. Adam FINALLY convinces Peter that The Company is not a clinic, as they would have him believe, but rather a prison. Peter stops taking his meds, and he and Adam escape to the local hospital where Adam gives Nathan his blood, and Ma Petrelli returns to find Original-Recipe Nathan, standing all perfectly normal in his hospital room. WHEW! Those Petrelli boys had quite the storyline this week, didn't they? And wait--there's more! Turns out that Elle and The Haitian tracked Peter and Adam down, and while Adam escaped, Peter gets captured by The Haitian, who doesn't really capture him at all, but handcuffs him in a storage pod and wipes his brain so he can have a new life. Sorry, Haitian Sensation, Peter is still as emo as ever.

The most heartbreaking storyline this week was Niki's. I was very upset at the beginning of this season when we realized that DL was, in fact, dead. He was one of my favorite characters, not only for his power (who doesn't wish they could walk through walls?), but because he reminded me of Richie. DL was a good man, and all he wanted was to be a good husband to his majorly whacked-out wife and a good father to his child. So, yeah, maybe I over-identified just a little. Their storyline opened up with Niki and Micah waiting in the same hospital where the Petrelli brothers ended up, with the doctor telling them that DL was going to make it, which immediately sent my sensors into overdrive, thinking, "Oh, what did Niki do to get DL killed?" Turns out she met Bob from The Company, who offered his services. She smartly declined, so instead of taking her in, he prescribed medication--which turned out to be helpful, if they made her emotionless. On Micah's birthday, DL and Micah leave Niki alone, and the girl flushes her meds down the sink. I kept thinking at the television, "Girl, you are going to kill DL. It's going to be your fault that Micah is fatherless!" Turns out I was totally right. Her personality splits again, this time turning into Gina, the party-girl side of Niki's personality. Gina traps Niki in the mirror, then ditches her job and runs off to party in Los Angeles. DL, the good man that he is, tracks crazy Niki/Gina down, un-crazies her by reminding her that she has a family, then gets shot by some drug-addled clubber who thought DL was trying to take his woman. Niki decides then to turn herself over to The Company, and DL's mother offers to do anything she can to help. We also get to meet Muscle Mimic Monica, and Micah's thug cousin.

Hiro, Claire, Mohinder and Parkman are left out of this episode, because we know what happened to them four months ago. Hiro got packed off to Feudal Japan, Claire got packed off to Southern California, and Mohinder and Parkman decided to shack up so that they could take care of Molly. Just in case y'all forgot. Instead, they give us backstory on Maya and Alejandro, and it's really not backstory at all. It's just a flashback to Alejandro's wedding, where Maya finds out that her brother's new wife is a cheating skank, and when Maya threatens to tell, instead of clawing that hussy's eyes out, she is attacked by the skank's boyfriend, and her eyes go black and runny, blah blah, she kills the whole wedding party except for Alejandro and decides to be a nun so that she can pray the evil out of her. Alejandro tries to give her over to the police, but when he discovers that he can stop her attacks, they escape to take the longest drive ever across Mexico. It was the only part of this episode that was disappointing, because it still doesn't tell us what that stuff is running out of her eyes, or why it kills everyone around her.

Also, there was no creepy Sylar backstory, telling us who brought him to the middle of the South American jungle, which disappointed me greatly. It's just not a Heroes' episode if I haven't been creeped out.

Otherwise, this was the best episode all season.



Anonymous said...

Original Recipe Nathan......thats the best line I've heard in a while!!

josiegirl77 said...

Thank you so much! That joke just kind of fed itself to me, if you will. *g*

Anonymous said...

And it seemed just like something you would say!


josiegirl77 said...

But gosh, I should be thanking Tim Kring and the folks who give us this stuff we can obsess and write and joke about.

Man, I love this show, because even though this season was slow-going, this past episode had a big payoff!