Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heroes: October 22, 2007

Apparently there's a blonde girl on orders from her daddy to hunt down Peter Petrelli. Oh, wait. Daddy found out that Blondie, who definitely is NOT emo about her special skill and therefore MUST be Major Emo's arch-nemesis, killed a dude with her AWESOME electricity powers (Who wouldn't want electricity as a power? Sure, taking showers might get complicated, but Blondie looked well-maintained, so there's got to be a way to stay clean without killing yourself. Imagine where you didn't have to worry about cars taking out light poles or freak thunderstorms attacking a transformer!), and took her off the case, much to her chagrin. I'm sure there will be lots of pouting on the flight back, and maybe a hissy fit when she gets home. I'm sorry they won't film it.

Peter still hasn't opened that box that supposedly holds information about his life, because he's too busy playing kissy-face with Caitlin. Dude, I would want to at least know my last name. I don't think I could go on being all, "Peter. Just Peter. I shoot blue sparks from my hands and can control things with my mind, but I'm not too stoked about it." Gah. When she finally decides to let him stop sleeping at the pub, we discover that she likes to paint (Oh, how convenient!), and decides to finally open that box. Inside is a couple of dollars, a plane ticket to Montreal, and a picture of Peter and Nathan all tuxed-out. Basically, it tells him nothing, but then, he begins to see flashes on a convenient nearby conveniently blank canvas and starts to paint like a madman, with his eyes going all milky-white while Caitlin stands by helplessly, thinking "Wow! I am sure am glad I had this blank canvas here. What would have happened if I was currently working on a painting?" Peter's Convenient Picture shows he and Caitlin standing in front of a door with French street signs nearby. Gee, should they go to Montreal?

(Matt) Parkman and (Nathan) Petrelli (man, that's a buddy-cop show waiting to happen!) show up at Parkman's dad's apartment, and Matt gets a case of cold feet. While he and Nathan discuss said cold feet, Nathan just ups and knocks on the door. Finally, somebody on this show besides Claire Bennett-Butler does something instead of just talks about it! At least we know which parent gave ClaireBear her "do-something" gene. Matt's dad doesn't answer the door, so he breaks it down, and finds himself on the business end of a shotgun being held by none other than his own Daddy. Awww, what a sweet family reunion. Matt is able to overpower his father, and Nathan gets a hold of the shotgun. Man, I would never give a Petrelli a gun. There's too much pent-up hostility and well-bred angst built up inside them. Somehow, the elder Parkman is able to weasel his way out of handcuffs by appealing to Parkman's desire to know about his power, and ends up trapping Matt and Nathan inside their own nightmares, with Matt in jail with his ex-wife and her lover's baby and Nathan on the only rooftop in Manhattan, where he sees that the city has been destroyed, and his alter-ego with a HUGE disfigured head shows up to do battle. Matt is able to use his mind-reading ability to wake up from the nightmare and stop Nathan from choking him to death.

Mohinder is very worried about Molly still being in a feverish coma, so he takes her to The Company against the advice of Noah. Will Mohinder never listen to what more seasoned people tell him? I'm tiring quickly of Mohinder's bull-headedness. Just as Bob The Company Boss hands Mohinder a taser and sends him on his next assignment, Niki comes tearing through the building, and jacks Bob up on the wall. Y'all, I can't tell you how awesome that scene was. If I had a DVR, I would replay it over and over. I think I have a soft spot for blondes who can so irreparable damage to others. We can thank Buffy for that. ANYWAY, Mohinder tasers Niki (boo!) and then they handcuff her to a hospital bed. Mohinder tries to free her, but she tells him that she wants to be cured of her special ability. Not me, Niki. NOT ME.

Monica shows a hint of emo, but Micah slaps it out of her. Just kidding. He reveals to her what her power is--a copycat. Thanks, Captain Obvious. He tells Monica that he has a power, too, and that they can put it to good use. So what does he do? Goes to the local recreation center and she decides to double-dutch. Now, I am not being racist when I say this, but when I was in elementary school, every little black girl in school new how to double-dutch. It was an awe-inspiring feat to witness, especially for those of us who could barely walk without tripping. I think it must have been in the actress's contract that she show off her mad jump rope skills. Later, though, when they're back home, Monica watches a martial arts movie, and can immediately mimic what she's seen. She sends Micah off to bed, and goes to answer the door. And who is standing at her door? None other than Mohinder, come to take her to The Company. Run, Monica, run!

Finally, we have a tiny subplot about Ando, who is trying to read the scrolls that Hiro has sent him from the past. It's basically a recap of everything we already know about Hiro's adventures in Feudal Japan, but now they're also on their way to fight the hilariously named "White Beard". When they reach the top of the hill, they decide to attack, but see the thousands upon thousands of warriors camped out in the valley. Of course, with Hiro's ability to stop time, taking down this crew will not be a problem at all.

Try not to be too emo about not having another new episode until Monday.

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