Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Confession Time

It's a secret that I've harbored for way too long, but now it's time to take the skeleton out of the closet.

I love ABC Family movies.

There. The news is out now. I'm hooked on those things like most other women are hooked on the Lifetime Channel. They can be heartwarming, silly, and romantic all in the same movie. Sure, most of the time, the movies are very chessy, and the acting leaves quite a bit to be desired, but I believe that everyone needs a little cheese in their lives. When I hear about one, I move my schedule around so that I can watch it the first night, and then can't help myself but watch it whenever I happen to catch it on again.

That's what happened last night with "Relative Chaos". Well, this was kind of took me by surprise, and I caught it when I was flipping through the channels. I stopped on ABC Family when I saw Charisma Carpenter. Back in the 90s, she played my favorite character from the Buffyverse, Cordelia Chase. No one can play an evil, haughty bitch like she can! Anyway, I start watching, really enjoying my wonderful little guilty pleasure, when low and behold, who should walk onto my television screen? None other than Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander Harris on Buffy. It was then that I was hooked. Actually, there were THREE actors from the Buffyverse in that movie. I can't remember his name, but the star of the television movie was a guest star on a second-season episode of Buffy where she and Angel get possessed by this kid's ghost and the ghost of the teacher he killed. It was quite moving, and I shed a little tear for Angel and Buffy and their doomed romance every time I watch it. Maybe I'll watch it again tonight, if "Relative Chaos" doesn't come on.

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