Wednesday, April 05, 2006

04/05/06; American Idol Week #4; Eliminations

I didn't tune into the show until the end of Kenny Rogers' performance, and when they cut to Travis Tritt, all I can think about is how bad he looks. I mean, how hot can it be in there that you're sweating while sitting? Yikes.

Oh, and the pimpmercial is much better this week. They're singing "Just One Look", and they're in a garage? Strange, but oh so funny with Kellie as a diva and the group trashes her car. Who knew Pickler was such a good actress? Who knew, indeed. The most important factor in this equation is that Chris and Ace are all greasy. Yes, indeed!

Ryan makes the announcement that next week is Queen week, and the contestants got to meet an incarnation of the band. I say that because, well, Queen just isn't Queen without the glorious Freddie Mercury, who died years ago. They're all really enjoying themselves, and completely rocking out. Y'all this is going to be so bad, and I just can't help but be excited!

So Ryan says that "we're mixing things up a bit" tonight, and dividing the contestants into three groups. Oh, this does my little OCD heart so good, because I always wonder who are the Top Performances,and who are the Middle Performances, as opposed to just the Bottom Three.

Group One: Taylor, Kellie, Chris
Group Two: Mandisa, Elliott, Paris (ooh...this just smells like the Bottom Three!)
Group Three: Ace, Katharine, and Bucky

Y'all , they looked scared as all get-out. Ryan eases the tension for Group One, who are the Top Three, but ups it for Groups Two and Three as we go to break, and Paula looks like she's about to bawl, cause Ace might be in the Bottom Three. Back from the break, Ryan announces that Group Three is safe, and sends them back to the couch. Paula, I'm sure, breathes a prayer.

So our Bottom Three is Group Two: Mandisa, Elliott, and Paris. Ryan immediately sends Paris to the couch, and I am personally offended. Now that means either Elliott or Mandisa will be going home, and I just don't think it's either's time.'s Mandisa. Well, I knew it couldn't be Elliott. We'll miss you, Mandi.


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